Advanced Regional PACS
Terms of Use

Desktop Client Application Installation Instructions

  1. You must have rights to install software on you computer.
  2. Click Install desktop app to download the installation file.
  3. Run IntelliSpacePACSEnterpriseSetup.exe
  4. You should now see a "Choose Setup Language"
  5. Select your language and select "OK"
  6. Select "Next" on the next window
  7. Select "Next" on the next window
  8. This will go to another window that should be asking you for a Hostname or IP Address of the server. In this box, type
  9. Select "Next" after typing in the server address
  10. The program will now install. Once done, you will have one final window.
    In this window, just select "Finish" and your installation will be complete.
  11. How to launch the Desktop application:
    • Double-click on the "Intellispace PACS Enterprise" icon on your desktop.
    • Enter your user name and password:
    • Choose Location: DSL/Cable Modem
    • Click OK.