Advanced Regional PACS
Terms of Use

Terms of Use


This document represents an agreement with Medical Imaging Associates regarding the use and distribution of the Advanced Regional Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). By using this system, you agree to abide by the terms outlined and are hereby bound by law.

Medical Imaging Associates (MIA) agrees to provide the Advanced Regional PACS to better accommodate the needs of referring physicians and offer more efficient and advanced radiology services to patients. The Advanced Regional PACS and the images scanned, read, and stored on the system are considered property owned by the imaging facility. As the PACS provider, MIA reserves the following rights up to and including but not limited to implementation, administration, installation of required software, train users, maintain core servers, read and interpret scans, and monitor usage to insure correct and prudent use of the equipment hardware and software in compliance with HIPAA standards. MIA is not obligated to disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) other than as permitted by this agreement or by law and to use appropriate safeguards to prevent misuse. In addition, MIA is obligated to report any inappropriate use of PHI to the referring physician and proper healthcare authority.

All users and/or referring physician offices must agree to the terms of use prior to implementation and use of the PACS. They agree to and will enforce policies in their facilities that only images, reports, and cases specific to their current patients will be accessed or viewed. Patient information of any kind is deemed usable and pertinent only to the physician currently providing medical care to the specific patient. All information transmitted by the Advanced Regional PACS will be considered of high confidentiality and used for medical purposes only. Any misuse, abuse, or exploitation of such information shall result in revocation of all rights and privileges to the use of the Advanced Regional PACS. To insure proper use, MIA reserves the right to regularly audit PACS activity and report any misconduct or questionable use to HIPAA authorities of which shall incur necessary citations and shall enforce an appropriate course of disciplinary action.

Medical Imaging Associates is dedicated to continually improving patient care through education and technology. We appreciate your support and hope that together we can better the lives of all patients.

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